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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Euan McCubbinEuan McCubbin
First time pass for Euan
Euan, from Luncarty, is proud to display his Pass Certificate following his successful test.

Courtney SmithCourtney Smith
Success for Courtney
Courtney, from Perth, passed her test on a beautiful, sunny Perth day in May. Well done !

Dominik MikusekDominik Mikusek
Congratulations Dominik
Dom, from Perth, has passed his driving Test. Well done Dom !

Andrew AllanAndrew Allan
Saints mascot passes test
Andrew, from Scone, a.k.a. St. Johnstone mascot "Brogan the Beagle" has passed his test. (not in uniform, I hasten to add) Well done Andrew !

Ida WaddaIda Wadda
Good news for Ida's boys
Ida Wadda, from Perth, has passed her test with only one minor fault. Her two young boys will be very happy now Mum has her driving licence. Well done Ida !

Esraa FrehatEsraa Frehat
First time success for Esraa
Esraa, from Burghmuir, passed her test first time after a refresher course of lessons to add to her current International licence.

Campbell WattCampbell Watt
First time success for Campbell
Campbell has passed his test with just one minor fault. "Irene and I are delighted that Campbell has passed his driving test and we are so grateful to you for your expert tuition. I am sure the high standards you set will stand Campbell in good stead throughout his driving life." Robin Watt, Campbell's dad.

Chris DouglasChris Douglas
Passed 1st time
Chris from Craigie is a happy man having passed his test. Emma will be happy too, as Chris will now be able to share the driving when they head for the mountains. Well done Chris !

Ryan ShekRyan Shek
First time pass for Ryan
Ryan, from Perth, is a happy man. He has passed his test with just one minor fault.

Chiara MillerChiara Miller
First time pass for Chiara
Chiara, from Forteviot is delighted that she will be able to get into Perth in her own car having successfully passed her driving test.

Rory CameronRory Cameron
Success for Rory
Rory, from Craigie, is pleased to show his Pass Certificate having successfully passed his Driving Test. Well done Rory !

David FarquharsonDavid Farquharson
Test Booster does the trick for David
After a lengthy gap in lessons David, from Methven, returned to do an intensive Test Booster. The result was a first time pass. Well done David !

Cameron RobertsonCameron Robertson
Success for Cameron
Cameron, from Perth, has achieved his aim of passing his test which will allow him to drive on his return to Australia. Good luck for this adventure !

Laura ToppLaura Topp
First time pass for Laura
Laura, from Almondbank, passed her test with just two minor faults. Well done Laura !

Tabitha HanniganTabitha Hannigan
Success for Tabitha
Tabitha, from Craigie, has passed her test. Well done !!

Gleb FenwickGleb Fenwick
Success for Gleb
Student Gleb, from Fife, is a happy man to have passed his driving test.

Michael RankineMichael Rankine
First time pass for Michael
Michael, from Perth, is delighted to have passed his test . Well done !

Edd GoodfellowEdd Goodfellow
First time pass for Edd
Edd from Perth passed his test with just one minor fault at his first attempt ! "I've no more kids left for you to teach, but I'll certainly be recommending you to others! Thanks again, Juliette (Edd's mum)

Scott MeltonScott Melton
First time pass for Scott
Scott, from Almondbank , commutes to work in Dundee. It will become a whole lot easier now he has passed his driving test. Well done Scott !

Amy CourchaAmy Courcha
First time pass for Amy
It was a successful end to the year for Amy, from Perth, passing her test . Look forward to seeing you out on the road.

Beth DarkBeth Dark
Christmas comes early for Beth
Beth is delighted to have passed her driving Test. A First Time Pass. Well done Beth !

Ellie RitchieEllie Ritchie
First time pass for Ellie,
Ellie from Kintillo passed her test with just one minor fault. Her diligent work and practise paid off !

Gillian McLintockGillian McLintock
First time pass for Gillian
Gillian is delighted to have passed her Driving Test. It will help her with both work and family.

Mark LaingMark Laing
First time success for Mark
Mark Laing from Perth displays his Pass Certificate following his successful Driving Test.

Alan MacDonaldAlan MacDonald
First time pass for Alan from Abernethy. Well done Alan !

Mark LundbergMark Lundberg
Mark has passed his test which will make getting to the golf much easier !

Jennifer Haig - CraigieJennifer Haig - Craigie
Thank you for teaching Jen and getting her through her test. You were just the right sort of teacher for her - patient, calm and quiet. We couldn't have wished for a better tutor. Janice Haig, Mum of Jennifer

Marianne DunnetMarianne Dunnet
It was a good week for Marianne from Scone who gained a new career and passed her driving test. Well done Marianne!

Allana BruceAllana Bruce
First Time Pass
It is first time success for Allana from Perth

Chloe Thow - PerthChloe Thow - Perth
Chloe battled "Storm Frank" to achieve her pass. Well done Chloe.

Kathryn McMullan - AbernethyKathryn McMullan - Abernethy
First Time Pass
It is First time success for Kathryn. Well done Kathryn.

Heather Lamb - SconeHeather Lamb - Scone
First Time Pass
It will be a good Christmas for Heather who passed her test First time.!

James MullanJames Mullan
Passed 1st time
James is pleased to display his Pass Certificate following his first time pass.

Islay HaldaneIslay Haldane
It was first time success for Islay, well done Islay!

Fergus GoodfellowFergus Goodfellow
Fergus has passed his test, just in time, before heading off to Camp America. Well done Fergus.

Sean Fraser - KintilloSean Fraser - Kintillo
Passed his test at the first attempt. Well done Sean !

Calum Rankin - PerthCalum Rankin - Perth
Thanks again for all your help. I found the LD System a very helpful and structured way of learning.

Alannah Martin - SconeAlannah Martin - Scone
Passing her driving test. Well done Alannah, your work has been duly rewarded.

William Chan - PerthWilliam Chan - Perth
Thanks again for helping me pass my test first time. I enjoyed every single lesson we had and also the banter during the lessons.

Donna is delighted that her first time pass has greatly helped her daily commute to Dundee.

Linda McLintockLinda McLintock
Markies colleague, Linda is very happy to display her Pass Certificate. Well done Linda !

George Newman - PerthGeorge Newman - Perth
Well done George Newman, a First Time pass without any minor faults.

Kirsty Biggins - AbernethyKirsty Biggins - Abernethy
Proudly displays her Pass Certificate following her First Time Pass.

Rob Jones - PlymouthRob Jones - Plymouth

Lauren Coull - Bridge of EarnLauren Coull - Bridge of Earn
It was a good start to her Birthday, Lauren passed her Driving Test at the first attempt.

Louisa Keay - PerthLouisa Keay - Perth
It's a First Time Pass for Louisa.

Kieran TevendaleKieran Tevendale
Following a semi- intensive week of lessons, Kieran passed his test on his first attempt.

Ross Taylor - CraigieRoss Taylor - Craigie
Pleased to announce that he has passed his Driving Test.

Andrew Marshall - GlenfargAndrew Marshall - Glenfarg
Pleased with his first time pass following his Midway pass Course.

Shannon Morgan - DronShannon Morgan - Dron
Passed her test first time !

Hannah DouglasHannah Douglas
Following her Midway Pass course, Hannah of Perth proudly displays her Pass Certificate.

Eleanor Slaski and Martin HuntEleanor Slaski and Martin Hunt
October 28th was a special day for engaged couple Eleanor and Martin.
They both passed their Driving Tests First Time. They have another very important date in their diary in 2014 when they get married.

Ross Wilson - AlmondbankRoss Wilson - Almondbank
Passed First Time
Thank you very much Tony! Highly recommend you to anyone. You have a great style of teaching, very precise and in great detail. It makes sure you know exactly how to do what you are learning.

Alice Quinn - Perth Alice Quinn - Perth
Alice is delighted to display her Pass Certificate.

Sean WardlawSean Wardlaw
Sean is a happy man having passed his test first time.

Craig Johnston - SconeCraig Johnston - Scone
Passed his test at the first attempt

Thank you Tony, Craig enjoyed his lessons. I think the 90 minute lessons are a great idea. I have passed on your name to some friends already. Elaine Johnston, Craig's Mum.

Alex Imrie - LuncartyAlex Imrie - Luncarty
Proud to display her Pass certificate.

Stuart MotionStuart Motion
It's a good start to 2013 for Stuart from Abernethy, as he displays his Pass Certificate.

Becky Stuart - MethvenBecky Stuart - Methven
Becky celebrates passing her test.

Dayle RobertsonDayle Robertson
Passed his test FIRST TIME

Nathan Irving - PerthNathan Irving - Perth
Happily displays his Pass Certificate and Test Report showing no minor faults.

Kirsty McVean - AbernethyKirsty McVean - Abernethy
Tony is very good at teaching and his banter is alright too. Thanks Tony!

Liam McAllister - SconeLiam McAllister - Scone
Pleased to have succeeded in passing his test on his first attempt.

Calum Buist - SconeCalum Buist - Scone
Displays his Pass Certificate, following his first-time success.

Sam Edward - PerthSam Edward - Perth
Displays his "first-time" Pass Certificate

Emma Kelman - DunningEmma Kelman - Dunning
Emma is pleased to have passed her test with just two minor faults

Marc McGranaghan - SconeMarc McGranaghan - Scone
Passed his test First Time.

Rosie Quinn - PerthRosie Quinn - Perth
"I'm glad I did Pass Plus. I now feel more confident in my ability"Delighted with her first time pass.

Matt Smith - AbernethyMatt Smith - Abernethy
"Thank you for being a brilliant and patient teacher. Text you soon about Pass Plus"

It's a Happy New Year for Matt, proudly showing his first-time pass.

Jenny Meehan - PerthJenny Meehan - Perth
"I really did enjoy the lessons, thank you."

Fraser Magill - PerthFraser Magill - Perth
"Thank you Tony, it has been a pleasure learning with you"

Erin Carr - SconeErin Carr - Scone
Erin shows off her Pass Certificate following her first time pass.

Emma Reid - PerthEmma Reid - Perth
"Thank you Tony, I'm delighted. You are a brilliant teacher."

Scott BailleyScott Bailley
Tony, thank you for all your hard work. I shall rememberer your words. "Take your time and practise makes perfect".

David Anderson - PerthDavid Anderson - Perth
"I feel I have been taught very professionally and thoroughly throughout my entire learning experience."

Laura Porteous - SconeLaura Porteous - Scone
Laura celebrates her first time pass,

Sarah, Craig and RhonaSarah, Craig and Rhona
The Moffats are delighted to complete a hat-trick of first time passes, Sarah - April 2008; Craig - August 2006 and Rhona - September 2010.

Anna SmilowskaAnna Smilowska
Polish pupil Anna Smilowska delighted with her first time pass with no minor faults.

Ross Alexander Ross Alexander
A happy first time pass

Eric Bromley
"Thank you for getting me through my driving test, you were an excellent teacher. Chloe will be in touch in about a month"

Sean Porter - Perth
"Thank you Tony, I could not have done this without your help".

Linda Duncan - Mother of Gill & Jamie.
"Thank you for your patience in ensuring Jamie was ready for his test.
Don't retire for another 8 years, we have 2 more for you".