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Current special offers available

90 Minutes lessons £42.50

Block of 10.5 hours £287.50 (taken as 7 lessons of 90 minutes)

Hire the Driving Skills DVD for a deposit of £20. I will refund £15 to you when the DVD is returned in good order.

7 hour Pass Plus Course:Pass Plus Qualified See hourly rate on my price list.
The pass plus course is designed by the DVSA in association with the Insurance and driving instruction industries for those people who have passed their test and is aimed at speeding up your driving experience.

There are 6 subjects covered these are motorway driving, dual carriageways, adverse weather conditions, country roads, night driving and busier town driving. As well as speeding up your experience you can also save a considerable amount on the cost of insurance with participating insurers.

FREE home visit

To help you decide which course would best suit you I provide a free, no obligation, home visit. At this meeting I will be happy to explain to you and any other family members how the LD System works and what each course provides. If this would be of interest, please give me a call or leave a message.

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